Rajasthan Weather Forecast: Monsoon will return in Rajasthan on August 3: There will be thunderous rain in these places including Kota, Jaipur

The first round of rain has ended in Rajasthan. There has been a light break of three days on the new record-setting July rains this year. It is likely that from August 3, the monsoon will again enter action mode.

The Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility that East Rajasthan will see heavy rains from August 3. At the same time, due to slow rains, the humidity has increased in the state. In many areas of western Rajasthan, the temperature went beyond 35 degree Celsius. However, it was cloudy in the morning in Jaipur.

Monsoon will return from August 3

According to the Meteorological Department, some areas of the north-eastern region of the state may see light rain from August 2. However, 19 districts of Bharatpur, Udaipur, Kota and Jaipur divisions of East Rajasthan may see good rains once again from August 3.

Rain broke the record of 66 years

Let us tell you that the continuous rain in Rajasthan has broken the record of 66 years in the month of July. According to the data of Jaipur Meteorological Center, in the month of July this year, on an average, 270 mm of rain has been recorded in Rajasthan, which is more than 67 percent from the average of 161.4 mm so far. Earlier in 1956, the maximum rainfall of 308.7 mm was recorded in the state in the month of July. Last year i.e. in July 2021, the state had received 130.8 mm of rain.

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