Rajasthan News: Head constable of Padmapur police station in Sriganganagar became a victim of honeytrap, 3 women arrested


Usually, the help of the police is taken to rescue the people trapped in the honeytrap. One such case has come to light in Padampur of the district, where a female CLG member made a head constable of the police station a victim of honeytrap. He also demanded Rs 4 lakh from him. The matter came to light when a woman member of CLG made an obscene video clip of the head constable. He demanded Rs 4 lakh from him. Based on the complaint of the head constable, the police have arrested three women. These accused women, who were caught by the police, are suspected to be involved in many other such cases. The police are getting more complaints in this regard.

This case is of Padampur police station of the district. On Wednesday late night, constable Gurdev Singh lodged a case in this regard. He said that the CLG member of the police station Sukhpreet Kaur called him to his house. He told that a missing girl from the area is at his house. When the constable reached the CLG member’s house, he locked him in a room inside the house. The door was locked from outside. Another woman was also present along with the accused woman on the spot. Who made her porn clip. Police have arrested the main accused in the case, Sukhpreet Kaur wife Tejendra Singh (40) and Vimla, 30-year-old wife of Pokram Nayak and Mannu Sharma, wife of Aanchal. Police also recovered pornographic clips and loot worth Rs 1,420 from the mobile of the accused. Gurdev Singh, head constable of Padampur police station, said that CLG member Sukhpreet Kaur called a young woman to her house in connection with the recovery. Then locked in the room forcibly made a pornographic video. Showing the fear of slander by making the video viral, he asked for four lakh rupees. The police arrested the accused 16 hours after the incident.

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