Questioning of Vikas Malu in Satish Kaushik death case; 25 questions were also fired from Saanvi, now what next?

Questioning of Vikas Malu in Satish Kaushik death case;  25 questions were also fired from Saanvi, now what next?

Delhi Police on Tuesday questioned businessman Vikas Malu in connection with the death of actor Satish Kaushik. Malu was questioned at Kapashera police station in the national capital. Sources said that Malu had reached the police station in the afternoon. After questioning, he was let go at around 4.30 pm. It may be known that Vikas Malu, the owner of the farmhouse, on Monday termed the allegations of his second wife Saanvi Malu as baseless. Vikas Malu says that he is fully cooperating with the police investigation.

Police sources said that Vikas Malu and his second wife Saanvi were questioned at different places. Saanvi had demanded change of the investigating officer. Shanvi joined the investigation after the police changed the investigating officer. The police interrogated Sanvi at his lawyer’s office in Moti Nagar. Saanvi was questioned for three hours and 15 minutes while Vikas was questioned for four hours. The police team asked Saanvi around 25 questions, most of which remained unanswered. Police can summon Saanvi for questioning again.

While talking to news agency ANI, Vikas Malu said, ‘Satish Kaushik had come to the party on the day of Holi and everything was normal. I went to my room in the evening. Around 12:20 in the night, I got information that Satish Kaushik’s health is deteriorating. After this I also reached the hospital. Satish Kaushik was my friend. His demise is a personal loss for me. Vikas told that after the death of Satish Kaushik, Delhi Police had recorded his statement. He will cooperate with the police whenever needed in future.

When asked about the allegations of links with the underworld, Vikas Malu said, ‘It is all baseless. Everything will come out in the police investigation. On the other hand, Vikas’s lawyer Rajesh Thakur said that Vikas would take legal action regarding the allegations leveled against his wife. A defamation case will be filed against Saanvi. Vikas Malu is separated from his wife Saanvi. Saanvi is trying to gain popularity through these allegations. Police sources said that Sanvi has also not handed over any concrete evidence to the police regarding the transaction of Rs 15 crore between Satish Kaushik and Vikas Malu.

Sources said that Vikas Malu tried to know the names of the guests who attended the party on the day of Holi. The police officer also sought answers from Satish Kaushik on his relationship. Vikas denied the transaction of Rs 15 crore. Vikas told that after coming from Dubai, he had several meetings with Satish. Satish himself wanted to attend the Holi party. The police have asked for some documents from Vikas. Now Inspector Manju has been assigned the responsibility of investigation in this matter. On the other hand, Saanvi remained confused on most of the questions and was seen repeating her words.

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