Quarrel with Male, tussle erupted over RJD, brought Congress by persuading them to protest, then BJP MLAs returned to assembly

Quarrel with Male, tussle erupted over RJD, brought Congress by persuading them to protest, then BJP MLAs returned to assembly

On Tuesday, there was a fight in the Bihar Legislative Assembly due to party politics, and on Wednesday, rising above the party line, there was a scene of reconciliation and peace. Eventually, all the BJP MLAs returned to the Vidhansabha after suspending one of their MLAs for two days by the Speaker and sat on a dharna by boycotting the House until the suspension was withdrawn. RJD was embarrassed in all this, on which the leaders of the opposition were attacking from the beginning and even said that they will not allow the assembly to become RJD’s party office.

The ruckus started on Tuesday with a clash between CPI-ML MLA Satyadev Ram and BJP MLA Lakhendra Paswan. When the time passed, in anger Lakhendra Paswan broke or scratched the mike on his desk. Later, Speaker Awadh Bihari Chowdhary suspended Paswan from the House for two days. All the MLAs and MLCs of BJP sat on a dharna against this and announced that they will not go to the House until Lakhendra’s suspension is revoked.

When the House started on Wednesday, the BJP MLAs and MLCs did not go inside and sat on a dharna at the main gate. The House was running in the absence of the opposition. Only then did the news of Lalu Yadav, Rabri Devi and Misa Bharti getting bail in the land case in lieu of railway jobs came in Delhi. In enthusiasm, an RJD MLA reached to feed BJP MLAs with laddoos. Things got worse. Someone’s kurti was torn, someone’s collar, laddoos scattered on the ground are different.

BJP MLA Lakhendra Paswan’s suspension revoked, accused of breaking mike in the House

Then Congress Legislature Party leader Ajit Sharma came out and urged Leader of Opposition Vijay Sinha to express regret and participate in the proceedings of the House. He has been sent by the Speaker to persuade the BJP MLAs. Sharma told the BJP leaders that if the MLA of Male has spoken bad words, then he should also express regret.

After the persuasion of Ajit Sharma, the Leader of the Opposition melted and the BJP MLAs returned to the House around 2 pm. Welcoming Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vijay Chowdhary, he said that due to your arrival, brightness has returned in the house. The speaker asked Lakhendra Paswan to present his side after which his suspension was withdrawn. Male’s Satyadev Ram also expressed regret but added that he had not spoken abusive words but has expressed regret respecting the sentiments of the House.

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