Presidential election: The value of votes of MPs may be reduced from 708 to 700, Kovind’s term will be completed on July 24


The value of an MP’s vote is expected to drop from 708 to 700 in the presidential election to be held in July this year. Officials said this could be due to the absence of an assembly in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The term of the current President Ram Nath Kovind ends on July 24.


The value of the vote of a Member of Parliament in the Presidential election is decided on the basis of the number of elected members in the Legislative Assemblies of the States and Union Territories including Delhi, Puducherry and Jammu and Kashmir.

The Electoral College consists of members of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and the Legislative Assemblies of the States and Union Territories, including Delhi, Puducherry and Jammu and Kashmir, for the election to the post of President in the country.

Before Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir were bifurcated into two union territories in August 2019, Jammu and Kashmir used to have 83 seats in the erstwhile legislative assembly.

The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act states that the Union Territory shall have a Legislative Assembly. Whereas, the administration of Ladakh will remain directly with the Centre. The central government had announced that after the completion of the delimitation of the assembly constituencies, assembly elections would be held.

Recently the final order of the Delimitation Commission has been issued

Only last week, the Delimitation Commission for Jammu and Kashmir issued its final order. In this order, the Commission has recommended the creation of a 90-member House for the newly formed Union Territory. But, it may take some time to set up a Selected House here.

This happened earlier also, Gujarat Assembly was dissolved in 1974

This is not the first time that the members of the state legislature will not be able to take part in the presidential election. In 1974, due to the Navnirman movement, the 182-member Gujarat Legislative Assembly was dissolved in March. It could not have been formed before the presidential election, in which Fakruddin Ali (the fifth president) was elected.

However, it will not happen that there will be no representation of Jammu and Kashmir in the presidential election. The members of the Lok Sabha will be eligible to exercise their franchise to elect the first citizen of the country.

In the first presidential election held in 1952, the value of one vote was 494

In the 1997 presidential election, the value of an MP’s vote was fixed at 708. In the first presidential election held in 1952, the value of an MP’s vote was 494. It increased to 496 in 1957 elections and 493 in 1962 and 576 in 1967 and 1969.

The term of the current President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, ends on July 24 this year. The next president is to be elected before that. The Election Commission is trying to complete the Electoral College for Presidential selection by conducting by-elections to the Rajya Sabha and State Assemblies.