Prakash Javadekar’s counterattack on Sonia Gandhi, said- Modi’s grief becomes PM instead of son

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Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has launched a scathing attack on Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s criticism of the Modi government and the threat of democracy and freedom of expression. Prakas Javadekar termed Sonia Gandhi’s article as hypocrisy and said that Sonia Gandhi is saddened by the son’s failure to become Prime Minister.

Prakash Javadekar tweeted, ‘Today’s article by Sonia Gandhi is a hypocrisy. It is hypocrisy to burn a statue of a Prime Minister elected from democracy, giving a speech on democracy. The public did not give his son the Prime Minister’s chair and gave it to a poor but strong and fearless leader. Its sadness is reflected in it. ‘

At the same time, in his second tweet, Prakash Javadekar said that even after the Supreme Court justified the Shaheen Bagh movement as unfair, the Congress is supporting it. The Modi government did not even run sticks. How did you beat the protesters who slept in Ramlila Maidan, forgot? People have not forgotten! ‘

Explain that the Congress President has alleged in an article written in Hindustan Times that democracy is being hollowed out under Modi rule. Freedom of expression is being gradually tried to end systematically. He has written in his article that disagreements are being crushed and the government is suppressing institutions that raise public voice. He has also accused the government of suppression of fundamental rights.

On the other hand, BJP President JP Nadda also retaliated on Sonia Gandhi’s article, saying that the more lies the opposition party and its leaders lie and hate Modi, the more people will support them. Nadda tweeted in a series of tweets about Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi condemning Prime Minister Modi on various issues.

Nadda said, ‘A combination of despair and shamelessness is very dangerous. Congress has both of these. While the son in the party makes a live demonstration of the politics of hatred, anger, lies and aggression, the mother is complemented by a show of decency and hollow rhetoric on democracy. ‘

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