Pragati Maidan tunnel: With time, 54 lakh liters of petrol and diesel will be saved every year, pollution will be reduced

Pragati Maidan tunnel and five underpasses have been opened for general public from Monday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inspected it after inaugurating it on Sunday. He told how many difficulties came in preparing it. It is being told that this tunnel will save people’s time and fuel as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Now it has been approved by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

An analysis by TERI has shown that the Pragati Maidan Integrated Road Project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 12,400 tonnes every year. As per the analysis, which is based on the detailed report of the project, it is estimated that an average of eight minutes will be saved for the drivers passing through it. Due to which in total there will be a saving of 54,90,240 liters of fuel every year.

Terry said, based on preliminary studies and data gathered from various sources, it can be estimated that the construction of this tunnel will save travel time of eight minutes per vehicle. The total fuel (equivalent to petrol) savings will be 600 ml per vehicle per hour, resulting in a total fuel saving of 54,90,240 liters per year. At the same time, 12,400 tonnes of less carbon dioxide (CO2) will be emitted every year.

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According to the Delhi Transport Department, there was a 4 per cent increase in transportation (transportation operations) volumes from project concept to implementation, corresponding to a carbon saving of 16,400 tonnes of CO2 when the project was commissioned in 2022, the research said. In addition to reducing congestion, smoother traffic, the project is expected to provide co-benefits in the form of reducing pollution load in local areas and contributing to greenhouse gas reduction, the report said.

The report further said, “The Center has made several efforts to address the problem of CO2 emissions and implement projects. This project of ITPO will contribute to the efforts of the government. The transport sector accounts for the largest share of India’s total carbon emissions. It is responsible for emitting about 23 percent of the CO2 that fuels global warming.

About 85 percent of the total diesel consumption of 77 million tonnes and 100 percent of the total petrol consumption of 31 million tonnes is used by the transport sector. “Many emissions strategies have been put in place to free the transportation sector from carbon emissions and reduce its impact on climate change,” Terry said. Our analysis indicates that improving vehicular efficiency by enhancing passenger and goods vehicle modalities and engine technology, reducing congestion can make significant contributions to reducing emissions and improving city air quality. .’

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