Pollution increases even by hand washing, Kejriwal gave new logic on Delhi’s bad air

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor Arvind Kejriwal has said that there will now be real time monitoring of pollution in Delhi. Arrangements have been made in the capital that when due to what reason there is so much pollution and steps will be taken accordingly. During this, referring to the reasons for pollution in Delhi, he said that in winters, security guards and drivers burn their hands by burning fire at night, this also makes the air worse. He said that it accounts for one-fourth and one-fifth of Delhi’s pollution.

Kejriwal said that with the real time source apportionment, we will get to know the hourly forecast for the next 3 days along with the real time. How much pollution is there in which area due to vehicles, due to industry and due to biomass burning, this will help us in fighting pollution. He said that 1/3rd pollution in Delhi is outdoor. 1/4 is from biomass burning. 17-18 percent of pollution is caused by vehicles. He said that pollution will be checked by sending mobile vans to different areas of Delhi.

Kejriwal said, ‘One third of the pollution is from outside Delhi. It has been stable for three months. The second number is biomass burning, isn’t it the same as the security guards lighting their own fire at night… We have seen that its quantity is more in winters. At night, when security personnel or drivers or people who light a little fire of their own… it is so much inside Delhi that one-fourth of the pollution in Delhi is due to this. All this smoke rises and since the temperature is low, all the smoke remains in Delhi in the form of gas, in the form of a gas chamber.

Kejriwal said, ‘The mobile van will go to a particular place and the data collected will be analyzed at the supersite. Right now we are launching one mobile van but soon we will launch more mobile vans. The Chief Minister said that by getting information about pollution sources in real time, the government would be able to tackle the problem in a more precise manner. Kejriwal said that earlier the government had to depend on the old data of pollution.

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