Politics will heat up regarding the cabinet in Maharashtra! BJP’s Pankaja Munde expressed displeasure

After 40 days of the formation of the Shinde government in Maharashtra, when the cabinet was expanded, objections started being filed regarding this. Women’s rights activists had expressed their disappointment over not having a single woman in the cabinet. Now BJP leader Pankaja Munde has also expressed her displeasure openly about her ‘ignorance’. He said that senior leaders did not consider me capable of this. After Munde’s statement, his supporters can become aggressive and politics can heat up in Maharashtra.

Pankaja Munde said, when a minister becomes a minister, he also has to satisfy the people. I hope the new minister will live up to the trust of the people. I am also popular among people but if they think that I am not eligible that’s why I was not given the ministerial post. When they feel that now I am eligible, they will definitely make them a minister. Pankaja Munde said that there should be women in the cabinet. She said, I appreciate the fact that in the previous government, I was given the responsibility of rural development despite being a woman. Women should get such opportunities.

Pankaja Munde ignored in BJP

After losing the election from Parli assembly, it was expected that BJP would send him to the Legislative Council. However this did not happen. The leadership has been ignoring him for the last three years. During the Rajya Sabha elections, there was discussion that Pankaja Munde could be sent to the Rajya Sabha but it did not happen either. After this Pankaja Munde’s supporters expressed their displeasure at many places. Slogans were also raised against Devendra Fadnavis and Chandrakant Patil. In Aurangabad, a supporter had also tried to commit suicide. In such a situation, it is being said that politics can heat up due to his displeasure.

Criminal cases against 15 out of 20 ministers

75 percent of Maharashtra ministers have declared criminal cases against themselves. The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) gave this information. At present there are 20 ministers including the Chief Minister in the state. Following this expansion, the ‘Association for Democratic Reforms’ and ‘Maharashtra Election Watch’ analyzed the affidavits of these ministers presented during the assembly elections in 2019. As per the analysis, 15 (75 per cent) ministers have declared criminal cases against themselves and 13 (65 per cent) ministers have declared serious criminal cases against themselves.

All these ministers are crorepatis and the average value of their assets is Rs 47.45 crore. The ADR said, “The minister with the highest total declared assets is Mangal Prabhat Lodha, MLA from Malabar Hill constituency, who has assets of Rs 441.65 crore. The minister with the lowest total declared assets is Bhumre Sandipanarao Asaram, MLA from Paithan constituency, who has assets worth Rs 2.92 crore.

There is no woman in the cabinet. According to the announcement of eight (40 per cent) ministers, their educational qualification is between 10th and 12th standard, while 11 (55 per cent) ministers have completed graduation or above. Apart from this, a minister has a diploma. The age of four ministers of Maharashtra is between 41 and 50 years and the age of the remaining ministers is between 51 and 70 years.

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