Politics over Kovid deaths: BJP targets Rahul, Patra said – don’t put India down for God’s sake


Politics has heated up after the deaths of Corona in the country and the claim of the World Health Organization. After Rahul Gandhi’s remark, now the statement of BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has come to the fore. Patra has said in a press conference, Rahul Gandhi is constantly trying to demean India. They have let India down by attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP time and again. Patra said, the analysis of deaths in BJP ruled states and non BJP ruled states should not be done. He said, I appeal to Rahul Gandhi not to put India down for God’s sake.


Our fight is an example to the world

The BJP spokesperson said, the whole world believes that the way India fought against Corona under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi was an example for the whole world. India has fought a better war against Corona than developed countries. In such a situation, it is very sad to do politics on the death figures.

WHO data wrong

Sambit Patra said, there are four such facts, on the basis of which we know that the data of the World Health Organization is wrong. He said, the type of methods adopted by WHO in the whole process is wrong. Second, there must be accuracy in the source of the data, while the WHO has recognized that the sources are not verified. Third, on the basis of which criteria India has been placed in Tier-2 country, it is also not known accurately. Whereas, the fourth is to churn the data in a hypothetical way, to keep India in Tier-2 countries, on all these topics, India has discussed with the WHO from time to time.

What did Rahul Gandhi say

After the World Health Organization’s claim, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said, ‘Science does not lie, Modi speaks’. Along with this, Rahul Gandhi asked the government to respect the people saddened by the death of loved ones due to Corona and provide them an assistance of Rs 4 lakh.

WHO claim

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around 15 million people have lost their lives in the past two years either to the coronavirus or to its effects on health systems. According to official figures provided by various countries, more than double the six million deaths. Most of these deaths have occurred in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas. Whereas in India this figure is 47 lakhs. This number is about 10 times higher than the official figures.

NITI Aayog member VK Paul has given his response to WHO’s claim on deaths from Corona in India. He has said that when India already has the data of deaths due to corona, in such a situation the model cannot be considered where only the estimated figures have been released. He said that we do not agree with the methodology adopted by WHO for ourselves.

AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria has also termed the figures furnished by the World Health Organization as wrong. At the same time, he has also raised questions on the system of WHO. He said that India has a systematic way of recording birth and death data. In India, through this, all types of death figures are recorded apart from Kovid.