PM Modi, who attacked Lalu-Rabri Raj in Patna rally, said- copyright of kidnapping near jungle raj

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hit out at the RJD, especially Tejashwi Yadav. The Prime Minister, who visited Bihar for a day on Wednesday, called him the crown prince of Jungle Raj without naming Tejashwi at different election meetings in Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur and Patna. It is said that at this time the election of Bihar is being held in an extraordinary situation. On the one hand, there is a danger of corona epidemic and on the other, the jungle rajas are again looking for opportunity. Those who have the copyright of the kidnapping industry, if they come, then leave the government job, the private companies that provide jobs will also become nine-eleven. They do not have a roadmap for building the future of Bihar. He called upon the people to vote for NDA if Bihar is not to be made sick again.

The PM said that if the supporters of ‘Jungle Raj’ returned to power, Bihar would suffer double wounds during the epidemic. Those who are creating chaos in Bihar, forcing the youth to flee and making their family own thousands of crores are again looking for a chance in Bihar. Industry shutters in Bihar are talking of giving jobs today. The opposition has no experience of development of Bihar. The Prime Minister said that those who made Bihar ill and looted cannot fulfill the aspirations of the poor and middle class.

Prime Minister Modi said in question that whether he can do the work of development, people who only thought about their family and did injustice to each person of Bihar. Will those who grab the rights of poor, dalits and deprived be able to understand the expectations of Bihar. He said that there is a threat from the forces that make Bihar ill. Vote NDA to save your family, your Bihar and keep it healthy and strong. Those who have experience, who pulled Bihar out of deep darkness, have time to give it a chance again. Nitish Kumar’s becoming Chief Minister is necessary for good governance.

Government working day and night
The PM said that the NDA government is working day and night. From education to governance, from farmer to laborer, from Ease of Living to Ease of Doing Business, unprecedented reforms have been made. If anyone can fulfill the expectations of the people of Bihar, you and the country are confident that the NDA can.

Jungle rajas have no chance
The Prime Minister said that it is very important to win the NDA under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, for the benefits of many schemes of the Center to be given to Bihar rapidly. If people who are stuck, hanged and wandered or jungle rajas get a chance, then it will be difficult and impossible to bring the government’s developmental plans to the ground.

Someone takes away the rights of the poor
The PM said that if government facilities were not linked with technology, would it have been possible to get thousands of crores of rupees in the account of the farmers of Bihar. Direct help was given to workers, organized sector workers, pensioners. Ration of the rights of the poor would have usurped the same as 15 years ago.

In the Corona era, wearing a mask, two yards can save you and your family from getting sick, just like a vote can save Bihar from getting sick.
Narendra Modi, PM.

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