PM Modi recalls ‘Vocal for Local’ to shock China on Diwali, says- no one will be able to suppress

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After the election results of several states including Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the workers at the BJP headquarters in Delhi on Wednesday evening. During this, PM Modi also reminded ‘Vocal for Local’. The Prime Minister has been continuously insisting on buying goods from local markets from the people of the country through ‘Vocal for Local’. This is also likely to cause a big blow to countries like China. It is known that in the Indian market, goods from many countries including China have been bought and sold in large numbers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing BJP headquarters said, “Diwali is knocking at the door. Make a lot of pomp. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Be cautious with Corona. ”The PM, referring to Vocal for Local, said during this period that our mantra should be Vocal for Local, not just for Diwali but for all times to come. He said, “We have the fragrance of the soil of the country on the local things in which our people sweat.” Our country has dreams of a bright future. One should buy similar things. No country in this world will be able to suppress us.

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Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday also called for a local for Diwali to promote local products from the countrymen during the festive season and hoped that it would bring new consciousness to the economy. In his address after inaugurating and laying the foundation stone for 30 development projects worth over Rs 600 crore in his parliamentary constituency Varanasi, the Prime Minister said that he would be encouraged by the encouragement of those who manufacture local products to take India to new heights. Will play a big role in letting go.

What else did PM Modi say in his address?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address on Wednesday, described the women’s power of the country as the largest group of silent voters of the BJP and said that their echo has started to be heard even in the election results. He said that this has happened because of ensuring her honor and safety through women-centric schemes during the BJP rule. He said that from the rural areas to the urban areas, the women voters have become the largest group of silent voters of the BJP. The Prime Minister said that BJP is the only national party in the country in which the poor, dalits, the oppressed, the exploited and deprived see their representation and also see their future.

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