PM Modi meet US Secretary of State, Defense Minister, happy with the excellent progress in India-US relations

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On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with US Defense Minister Mark T. Espar and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo for a detailed discussion with the two, who visited India. The Prime Minister expressed happiness at the 2 + 2 talks between India and the US and the stupendous progress in the two countries.

The Prime Minister said after the meeting- “It is a pleasure meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Minister Mark T. Asper. Glad progress in India-US relations and happy to see the outcome of the 2 + 2 talks. Our comprehensive The global strategic partnership is on a firm foundation of shared principles, common strategic interest. “

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Here, US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Cale Bronn said – Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and the Indian Prime Minister, to better ensure the security and prosperity of the two countries, the Indo-Pacific region and the world, the US-India Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership Pledged to strengthen it further.

Bronn continued – Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and PM Modi discussed several issues of regional and global concern, on which the US and India cooperate. These include combat, security and defense cooperation against Kovid-19 and shared interests in the free and open Indo-Pacific.

Earlier, in a joint statement after 2 + 2 ministerial level talks between India and the US, Pompeo said – “In honor of the Indian soldiers who sacrificed to protect the world’s largest democracy, including 20 soldiers who died in the Galvan violence.” We visited the National War Memorial. America will stand with India as they face threats to their sovereignty, independence. ”

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