PM Modi can go to America, will be Joe Biden’s guest; Dinner at the White House

PM Modi can go to America, will be Joe Biden’s guest;  Dinner at the White House

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may visit America in the next few months. There the US President will host him and host a dinner in his honour. The program for PM Modi’s visit and Washington is being finalised. During this, there is a possibility of agreement between India and America on many issues. This visit can prove to be very important in strengthening the relations between the two countries.

The visit assumes significance in view of China’s maneuvering along the Line of Actual Control. Dealing with the dragon in a firm and effective manner is also likely to figure in the talks between the two heads of state.

White House is planning

People familiar with the matter say that the White House is planning to host a state dinner for PM Modi in June. However, there is also a possibility of change in travel time. However, the spokesperson of the National Security Council declined to comment on the matter.

Suspense on Putin’s arrival in India

Let us tell you that the summit of the leaders of G-20 countries is going to be held in New Delhi in September. In this, there is a strong possibility of prominently discussing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It may not be clear yet whether Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit India to attend the summit.

At the same time, Joe Biden and PM Modi may meet in May before June. India, Australia and Japan are set to arrive in Sydney to discuss the Quad summit.

Biden has given dinner to two leaders

If PM Modi goes to America and attends Biden’s dinner, then this will be the third time when he will give this honor to a leader. Earlier, he had organized dinner for French President Emmanuel Macron and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol.

India has never spoken out loud against the Russian aggression in Ukraine. America and its allies are waiting for India’s stand against Russia. The main reason for this is that India’s dependence on Russia in the defense sector is very high.

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