Pilot faction breaks silence, opens front against CM Gehlot; Know what minister Murari Lal said

The leaders of the Pilot faction, who have been silent since the political developments in Rajasthan on Sunday, have retaliated against the Gehlot faction. Pilot faction minister Murari Lal Meena has targeted CM Gehlot in gestures. Minister Murari Lal Meena, who is facing the tap of revolt, said in a press conference organized in the capital Jaipur that we did not do any rebellion against the Congress high command. On Sunday, both the observers of Congress were disrespected by Gehlot’s ministers. The orders of the Congress high command are disrespectful. Let us tell you that the leaders of Gehlot camp are continuously opposing Sachin Pilot by remembering Pilot’s rebellion in 2020. Let us tell you that in the Gehlo cabinet, ministers Murari Lal Meena, Hemaram Chaudhary and Brijendra Ola are considered to be from the Sachin Pilot camp. Ministers Vishvendra Singh and Ramesh Meena were also considered as pilot camps, but now they have changed sides. In 2020, ministers Vishvendra Singh and Ramesh Meena were also sacked due to Pilot’s rebellion. But later both the ministers were included in the cabinet reshuffle.

Use of unparliamentary language like traitors to us

Minister Murari Lal Meena said that unparliamentary language like traitors is being used for us. What could be worse than that? Retaliated saying that as long as they keep getting creamy posts, they talk about the high command. But as soon as they get a setback, they start doing such things. Murari Lal Meena asked why Parsadi Lal Meena had contested the 2008 election as an independent. He said that on one hand they say that we believe in the high command, on the other side they talk about becoming CM from 102.

No work was done against the high command

Parsadi Lal Meena made false allegations that we sat in the lap of BJP. We only went to the high command to keep our word. After coming from there, we did not do any work against the high command. Murari Lal Meena also said that who is in how much water, it will be known, elections are about to take place. If mid-term elections are to be held or one year, it is bound to happen. In this it will be known who is in how much water.

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