PHOTOS: Bridge for metro being built amidst the flowing waters of Sabarmati, for the first time using Cofferdem technology

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Gujarat is now going to get a new gift. Where the metro railway bridge will pass through the Sabarmati river. Cofferdem technology will be used for the first time to construct this bridge. On the other hand, the work of the bridge being built between Gandhi Bridge and Nehru Bridge has been completely started.

In the first phase of Ahmedabad Metro, the work of East West Corridor is going on to connect East and West areas. In which the entire route will pass about 300 meters above the Sabarmati river, due to which this bridge is considered very important. For the construction of this bridge, 6 pillars will be made in the Sabarmati river, of which construction of 4 pillars has also been completed. Cofferdem technology is used to build bridges by making pillars in the river.

gujarat metro

At the same time, an approach road will be built for the movement of goods, goods and machinery required for the construction of the bridge in which clay and steel are used. Under the Cofferdem technology, a rod is made 7 meters above the water level in the river. Also, a large amount of steel seats are used to construct this type of bridge over the river, so that there is no negligence in the standards of safety. At the same time, the help of high-skilled craftsmen, special machinery, vibro hummer and cranes are taken in this project.

gujarat metro

The bridge, built using Cofferdem technology, will be loaded 45 meters below the river and on an 1800 mm wide pillar. Modern and special hydraulic pile boring machines will be used in the manufacture of these pillars. It is expected that by the end of June this year the construction of this bridge will be completed.