PHOTOS: Aamir Khan performed aarti with Kiran Rao, trolled after worshiping Kalash

Aamir Khan’s ex-wife Kiran Rao kept Pooja in Aamir Khan Productions. Aamir Khan was also present in this religious ritual. He did the main worship. There both of them performed aarti together. Advait Chandan, director of the film Lal Singh Chadha, has posted some pictures on his Instagram. He didn’t caption the pictures, just gave the hashtag #AamirKhanProductions. People have made many comments on the photos. Some feel that Aamir has shifted to the new office. Some are also trolling about their religion. Aamir Khan’s name is trending on Twitter.

Aamir was seen setting up the urn

Some pictures of Aamir Khan are viral on social media. In these, he is seen setting up the urn. Along with him is his wife Kiran Rao. It is seen in the pictures that Aamir Khan is doing the main puja. Along with him are his staff and wife Kiran. Decoration is visible in the office. Aamir is in a sweatshirt and jeans. He is wearing a cap on his head. An urn is also visible in the photo. He has also put a towel on his shoulder. Aamir Khan is currently in gray hair look.

People praised then trolled

There are many comments on Advait’s post praising the pictures. A follower has written, I am very happy. Cute superb Aamir Khan ji Kiran Rao ji is looking very cute doing the puja. One has asked a question, have you guys moved to another office? These are the pictures of which ceremony. At the same time, some people are also trolling him on Twitter. One user has written, it is amazing that Lal Singh Chadha flopped. One has written, when brands stopped getting him, he started pretending to be a Hindu.

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