People of Delhi are not getting cold beer in summer, know what is the reason

With the arrival of summer, Delhiites have not found their favorite beer brand, while cold beer is also not available at most of the shops due to lack of freezing facilities. According to statistics, on an average 15 crore small and big beer bottles are sold in Delhi every year. Out of this only 6 crores are sold in the three months of summer, April, May and June. In such a situation, due to non-availability of beer in time and non-availability of fridge, along with its sale, the revenue of the government may decline.

Officials say that it is not that there is a shortage of beer due to non-availability of beer at shops and no freeze. There is an ample supply of beer. As far as the freeze is concerned, the tender has been removed and soon freezes will also be made available at the shops. Presently the Excise Department has given the work of liquor sale to four government agencies DSAIDC, DTTDC, DSCSC and DCCWS. Presently 550 shops are running inside Delhi.

On the shortage of beer in Delhi, Vinod Giri, director general of the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (CIABC), said that Delhi’s consumers drink around 150 million bottles of beer every year. This demand is highest in summer. Giri gave several reasons why the supply of beer was affected. He said that Delhi does not have its own production of beer, it is dependent on the production and its availability in other states. In summer, the states where production is taking place create supply pressure so that their revenue is not affected. Second, the company’s margin is less in Delhi, due to which companies give priority to those states where they get more margin.

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