Partha Chatterjee doesn’t even consider Mamata Banerjee above himself, did corruption for himself: Revelations of former TMC leader

Former TMC leader Baisakhi Banerjee has made many shocking revelations about former West Bengal minister Partha Chatterjee. He claimed that people got direct entry in educational institutions during Chatterjee’s tenure. It is known that Baisakhi is also the former General Secretary of West Bengal College and Universities Professors Association (WBCUPA).

Banerjee said, “It was strange to see student leaders coming from simple backgrounds become powerful and big names in the educational sector. There was a syndicate working among the West Bengal College University Professors Association (WBCUPA) to sell every single post in the university and the price of which was imposed. Because of Partha Chatterjee, such people came directly to the university who could not even teach in school.

Baisakhi Banerjee claims that she put these matters in front of Partha Chatterjee but to no avail. He said, ‘Thieves were getting jobs because of Partha Chatterjee. “The unqualified thieves were getting jobs because of Partho Chatterjee. I tried to act, suspended a person accused of corruption and scolded those who were involved. After a few days I realized that it was all a mask. After a few days the same people started coming back in the field of education in a more powerful way. I understood that corruption would not end and the situation kept getting worse.

The former TMC leader said, ‘Parth Chatterjee does not consider anyone above himself, not even party chief and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. He misused his position several times. Took the entire education department under his control. He did all the corruption for himself.

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