Parliament did not run even for 4 hours in 5 days, BJP said- Apologize, Congress said- First you

Parliament did not run even for 4 hours in 5 days, BJP said- Apologize, Congress said- First you

There has been a deadlock between the ruling party and the opposition in both the Houses of the Parliament for the last five days. On the fifth day also, the ruling party raised the demand for an apology from Rahul Gandhi in both the Houses. Members of some other opposition parties, including the Congress, stuck to their demand for setting up a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to probe the Adani case. As the uproar escalated, the proceedings of both the Houses were adjourned for the day after a one-time adjournment.

In the first week of the second phase of the budget session, the proceedings of both the Houses of Parliament could not go on for even four hours due to the impasse between the ruling party and the opposition on various issues. While the Lok Sabha meeting lasted for only 66 minutes, the Rajya Sabha could last only for 159 minutes. BJP president JP Nadda on Friday alleged that the Congress leader has attacked the country’s sovereignty on foreign soil. That’s why he will have to apologize to the people of the country. At the same time, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s alleged statement abroad, said that first the ruling party should apologize to the country.

Amidst the uproar, the Lok Sabha sat for a maximum of 20 minutes on March 17, while on March 16 the proceedings lasted for a minimum of three minutes. At the same time, in the Rajya Sabha, the maximum meeting lasted for 82 minutes on March 14 and the lowest three minutes on March 16 in the whole week. On March 14, Rajya Sabha congratulated the entire team of Telugu film ‘RRR’ and Tamil documentary ‘The Elephant Whispers’ for winning the Oscars.

Rahul accused of being part of anti-national ‘toolkit’

BJP President JP Nadda issued a statement alleging that Rahul Gandhi has become a permanent part of the ‘toolkit’ working against the country. This group wants a weak and helpless coalition government in the country, so that it can be taken advantage of. He also accused Rahul of speaking the language of American investor George Soros and claimed that there was a nexus between the Congress and Soros. Nadda said that earlier in independent India, no leader has given such an anti-national statement on foreign soil.

Questioning the country’s democracy is humiliating

Nadda said that India has become the fifth largest economy in the world today. India is hosting the G-20 summit. In such a situation, it is insulting for Rahul Gandhi to question the country’s democracy in London. Rahul will have to apologize to the country for demanding interference of foreign powers in the internal affairs of the country.

Congress retaliates, BJP peeps into its fold

At the same time, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge retaliated and advised the BJP that those accusing them of being anti-national should first look into their own neck. He said that Rahul Gandhi, who talks about democracy, is a true patriot. Talking to the media, Kharge alleged that comments have been made against the Indian people abroad on behalf of the Prime Minister. How did BJP forget this, shouldn’t the ruling party apologize for this?

Why not discuss inflation and unemployment

Kharge said that the BJP has no answer on inflation and unemployment in the country, so these issues are not discussed. The government is retreating from the investigation of the Adani case. Allegations of misuse of central agencies are also not being discussed in the Parliament. He claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s statement was being distorted as part of a political strategy to divert attention from all these issues.

Venugopal gives notice of privilege against the Prime Minister

Senior Congress leader KC Venugopal has given a notice of breach of privilege against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Rajya Sabha. He has alleged in the notice that it was a breach of privilege of the Prime Minister to suggest Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to adopt the surname Nehru. The Congress MP said that the Prime Minister knows that the father’s surname is not passed on to the daughter. Despite knowing this, it is unfair on the part of the Prime Minister to make such remarks.

Opposition MPs protest on demand of JPC

MPs of several opposition parties, including the Congress, staged a sit-in in the Parliament House complex on Friday, demanding the formation of a JPC to investigate the Adani case. Several MPs from opposition parties including Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, former President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, Aam Aadmi Party’s Sanjay Singh, Shiv Sena’s (Uddhav faction) Priyanka Chaturvedi attended. During this, opposition MPs said that the ruling party is trying to avoid the investigation of Adani case, but they will not back down from their demand.

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