Pakistan’s economy will run with donkeys? China showed interest in buying, know the reason

The economic condition of Pakistan is not hidden from the countries of the world. Sometimes Pakistan keeps demanding loan from China and sometimes from IMF. Now Pakistan is making up its mind to sell its country’s donkeys and dogs to China. In such a situation, the question is being raised whether Pakistan is trying to improve its economy by exporting donkeys and dogs? At the same time, China has also shown interest in this. Let us tell you that Pakistan is the country with the third largest population of donkeys in the world. There are 57 lakh donkeys here. Pakistan has already exported donkeys to China.

Pakistan’s commerce ministry told the Senate Standing Committee on Commerce on Monday that China has expressed interest in importing donkeys and dogs from Pakistan. According to the information, a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Commerce was held in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Zeeshan Khanzada to receive a briefing on imports and exports.

During the meeting, Dinesh Kumar, a member of the Standing Committee, said that China is asking Pakistan to export donkeys as well as dogs. On this, Senator Abdul Qadir said that the Chinese ambassador has talked about exporting meat from Pakistan many times.

Last year, the Punjab government set up a farm in Okara district with the aim of exporting donkeys to earn foreign exchange. The farm is said to be the first state-owned facility in the province where donkeys of great breeds, including American ones, will be raised for export to China and other countries.

At the same time, the donkey farm was established at Bahadurnagar Farm which is spread over an area of ​​3,000 acres. Dr. Mansoor Mubeen, Manager, Bahadurnagar Farm had said that rapidly changing economic trends are revolutionizing the rural areas. He expressed hope that this project will help the local breeders to earn a livelihood.

Why is China showing interest in donkeys?

According to the report, China’s keen interest in donkeys is because they use animal skins in the manufacture of traditional Chinese medicine, “Ejao” or gelatin. In addition, it is used in medicine to increase blood circulation and boost the immune system.

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