Pakistan Blackout: Many cities of Pakistan, immersed in darkness, got scared, they said, has India attacked it?

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On Saturday, darkness occurred in many cities and towns due to a malfunction in Pakistan’s power system. After several hours of gloom, power was finally returned in some cities on Sunday afternoon, some cities were partially restored. However, in the meantime, some such tweets came out on social media, which seemed to indicate that Pakistan is still very scared of India. The fear of Balakot airstrike still persists among the people of the neighboring country. Actually, after the power failure in the night, the people of Pakistan started asking on Twitter whether India has attacked. At the same time, some people also started anticipating the start of the war.

‘Pakistan’s airforce gets alert’
Due to blackout in Pakistan, various tweets started coming up. A person named Zaid Hamid, a verified account of Pakistan, wrote that there has been a power breakdown all over Pakistan. Pakistan’s Airforce should be on red alert. Be ready At the same time, a Twitter user named Hassan Khalik tweeted, “Everything in Pakistan is over.” The light of the whole of Pakistan has gone. Somewhere military rule is not going to be implemented. India did not attack. Please check. ”Apart from this, Reham Khan, former wife of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan also tweeted about the power failure. He wrote that a friend of mine from Islamabad has messaged me and asked if this is war. Another wrote that it reminded me of the Musharraf coup.

pakistan blackout

Has war started in Indo-Pak?
A Twitter user named Madiha Sayed tweeted and asked that I am very scared. Has war started between India and Pakistan? At the same time, some Twitter users also started spreading rumors as soon as lightning struck. Taha Ahmed gave a fake breaking news by tweeting. He wrote that General Qamar Javed Bajwa overthrew Imran Khan in a coup. The constitution has been suspended and military rule declared. Along with this he also put a hashtag of blackout. At the same time, some people tweeted tauntingly on Imran Khan, saying that he is sleeping comfortably, while Pakistanis are awake to troll him.

Electricity from many cities lost at the same time
Power supply was disrupted in many cities at around the same time after midnight. Apart from Karachi, Ravpindi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, people of many cities faced difficulties. Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad, Hamza Shafqat tweeted that ‘the problem of the National Transmission Dispatch Company is due to its lines being damaged. He said, “It will take some time to get everything back to normal. Power Minister Omar Ayub Khan said that the frequency in the power distribution system suddenly dropped from 50 to zero, causing a blackout. The Ministry of Power tweeted that according to preliminary reports, there was a fault at 11.41 pm at Guddu power plant in Sindh province.