Pakistan again struck a chord, Imran Khan said – no talks with India till the restoration of 370

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Whenever Pakistan is struggling with an internal crisis, the Prime Minister of India distracts the attention of the people by making a blatant statement against India. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again chanted the Kashmir raga to divert the attention of the people from the power cut. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday that no dialogue with India is possible until Jammu and Kashmir’s autonomous status is restored.

Imran Khan reacted to a question on the possibility of talks with India during a conversation with representatives of digital media in Islamabad. He said, “Talks with India are not possible until the autonomous status of Jammu and Kashmir is restored.” He claimed that we have no hostile relationship with anyone except India. India is trying to destabilize Pakistan.

India has clearly told the international community that from Jammu and Kashmir Article 370 The elimination of most of the provisions is an internal matter. India has already told Pakistan to accept the reality and stay away from all the false anti-India elements.

Actually, this is not the first time Imran has made a blatant statement about Kashmir. Imran has also made many accusations on India in the past too by chanting the rant of Kashmir. Not only this, Pakistan, which created terror, has itself accused India of spreading terror.