On the cancellation of the status of Star campaigner, Kamal Nath said – EC did not give any notice, they know their work

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On the cancellation of the status of star campaigner for the Madhya Pradesh by-election of senior Congress leader Kamal Nath on Friday by the Election Commission, Kamal Nath said that he did not use that word to disrespect anyone. He claimed that senior party leader Rahul Gandhi rejected the term in reference to women but Rahul was not against him (Kamal Nath).

When it was told to Kamal Nath here on Friday evening that Rahul Gandhi rejected his “itemized” comment, Kamal Nath said in a PTI-language meeting, he (Rahul) did not reject it. He asked for women. When asked a question in the press conference, he replied, ‘He too, I also say that it is not right to insult women.

When his attention was drawn to the fact that the leaders of the ruling BJP are demanding him to apologize to Imrati Devi for this remark, he said, “See it is not anybody’s demand.” In the end (I) do what is right and proper. Because I didn’t have feelings.

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On the question of the cancellation of the status of a star campaigner by the Election Commission, he said, ‘What is the position of the star campaigner, what is the height. The Election Commission did not give me any notice, I did not ask, so who is doing this, in the last two days, they know their work. On the question of whether he will be taken to the Supreme Court in this case, Kamal Nath said, “I have given it to the lawyers, the lawyers are watching.” They will go to the Supreme Court, they will decide. Vivek Tankha ji is watching this, he will decide.

Kamal Nath defended his “item” word, “I have been in the Lok Sabha for so many years. On the sheet of the Lok Sabha, it remains written in the agenda, item no. 1, 2… It was on my mind. I did not speak maliciously or to offend anyone. Because I have been very familiar with the term ‘item’ in the Lok Sabha and the Vidhan Sabha. And I said that if anyone feels insulted, I regret it.

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It is known that the Election Commission on Friday revoked the status of ‘star campaigner’ of Congress leader and former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath due to repeated violations of model code of conduct while campaigning for the by-election of 28 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh state. .

73-year-old Congress leader Kamal Nath has been on target of ruling BJP leaders in the state since the alleged indecent remarks on BJP leader Imrati Devi of the Dalit community in the general assembly of Dabra town in Gwalior district during the campaign for crucial by-elections in 28 assembly seats in the state. Have been. BJP had filed a complaint against this to the Election Commission.

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