On Covishield price row center says it will procure vaccines at 150 rs per dose

In the country from 1 May Corona virus There will be a third phase vaccination campaign against vaccine, in which the vaccine will be given to people between 18 years and 45 years. For this, the Serum Institute of India has also fixed the price of the vaccine for Kovishield. Confusion, after the price was announced by the serum for states and private hospitals, is how much money the central government will spend to buy the vaccine. That is, how much rupees a dose will cost to the central government. Serum CEO Adar Poonawal has reportedly confirmed that according to the new contract, like the states, the central government will have to pay Rs 150 for a single dose of the vaccine. But now the Union Health Ministry has issued an explanation and removed the confusion about the prices. The central government has said that it will buy one dose of vaccine for 150 rupees and both doses will be given to the states for free.

In order to speed up the vaccination campaign and expand its scope, the Central Government has approved vaccine manufacturers to sell the vaccine in the open market and also in states and private hospitals. However, the companies will have to pay 50 per cent of the production to the center. Till now vaccine companies are not allowed to sell elsewhere. Only she can sell from the central government and then send it to the center states. Please tell that Bharat Biotech has not announced the price of its vaccine Kovaxin so far. While Serum has made it clear that it will sell Rs 400 per dose to the states and Rs 600 per dose vaccine to private hospitals. So far, the central government has been buying the vaccine at the rate of Rs 150 per dose and will buy it at the same rate even further, this has been confirmed by the Health Ministry.

The situation of confusions here also happened because Adar Poonawala had said that in the initial contract, a single dose of the vaccine for the center was priced at Rs 150, but it would be worth Rs 400 as soon as new orders were received. After this, Congress leader Jairam Naresh questioned the vaccine prices on Saturday and said that if the government has to pay 400 rupees for a dose under the new contract, it will be in the US, UK, EU, Saudi, Bangladesh and South African will pay more than the government.

On this tweet by the Congress leader, the ministry replied that the central government will buy both Kovishield and Kovacsin at the rate of Rs 150 per dose and the states will continue to provide freebies. After this Jairam Naresh again tweeted that what is the truth? Please tell that as the states increased the pace of vaccination, news of vaccine deficiency started coming in many places. After this, the government has decided that the state and private hospitals can also buy the vaccine from the direct company.

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