Offer to run 29 Puja special trains till Holi, see full list of trains

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There are preparations to run 29 Puja special trains running for Deepawali and Chhath till Holi. The Commerce Department has sent its proposal to the Operations Department only last week. It is expected to be stamped soon.

The railway administration had announced Pooja special trains for Mumbai, Delhi, Hatia, Kolkata, Bengaluru till November 30, with the consent of the Railway Board, in view of the rush of passengers to Diwali and Chhath before Dussehra. Seeing the steady increase in the number of passengers, the Commerce Department has prepared a proposal to extend all these Pooja Special trains by March 2021 and sent it to the Operations Department. It is expected that the proposal will be sealed by 26 November. Due to Corona, the railway routine is running trains under the name Kovid and Pooja Special. In such a situation, even after the end of worship, these trains will remain in demand. In view of this, Railways has proposed to extend all 29 trains to Holi. This will facilitate to go to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Shalimar.

Pramukh Puja Special trains
Gorakhpur-Trivandrum Pooja Special
Gorakhpur-Jammuutvi Puja Special
Bhagalpur-Jammuutvi Puja Special
Chapra-Delhi Puja Special
Gorakhpur-LTT Pooja Special
Gorakhpur-Kolkata Pooja Special
Gorakhpur-Howrah Pooja Special
Gorakhpur-Anand Vihar Puja Special
Chapra-LTT Pooja Special
Gorakhpur-Pune Pooja Special
Gorakhpur-Shalimar Pooja Special
Gorakhpur-Chandigarh Pooja Special
Pune-Gorakhpur-Pune Puja Special
LTT-Gorakhpur Puja Special
Gorakhpur-CSTM Pooja Special
Lucknow-Pataliputra Puja Special

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