OAG report: New Delhi was the world’s second busiest airport in March, the effect of lifting restrictions on foreign flights


The Official Airline Guide (OAG), which provides global travel data, has said in its recent report that Delhi airport was the second busiest airport in the world in March in terms of domestic and international flights. The OAG report mentioned that Atlanta retained the first position, with Dubai slipping to second place this month (March) against Delhi, which was third last month (February).


Delhi airport was ranked 23rd in March 2019 before the corona pandemic. In March this year, 40.42 lakh seats were booked in Atlanta, 36.1 lakh in New Delhi and 35.5 lakh in Dubai in the US. Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, CEO of Delhi Airport International Limited (DIAL), said in a statement that the COVID-19 pandemic had severely affected the world. The travel restrictions severely hit the travel and tourism sectors for two consecutive years.

But now with the increase in the number of people vaccinated around the world, governments are easing travel restrictions and gradually opening their borders, he said. India opened its borders last month and allowed the entry of fully vaccinated international travelers into the country. He said that these steps have helped the travel and tourism industry a lot and air travel has got a big boost.