Not Hijab-Hajala, BJP got defeated on this issue in Karnataka; read inside story

Not Hijab-Hajala, BJP got defeated on this issue in Karnataka;  read inside story

It has been almost a week since the results of the Karnataka elections came out. Congress defeated BJP here and got majority and is going to form the government. Now BJP is engaged in brainstorming regarding this election result. This defeat is shocking for the BJP also because there has been tremendous coordination between BL Santosh and Dattatreya Hosabale. While BL Santosh is the general secretary of the BJP, Hosabole is of the RSS. Both have also had a good grip on the Mysore region. Despite this, there has been a decline in BJP’s vote shares in this region as well. Apart from this, the most important thing that is coming to the fore is the dissatisfaction among the local workers of BJP and Sangh towards their government.

Sangh workers were left alone

After the BJP’s defeat in Karnataka, the round of analysis is going on continuously. While many people are seeing it as a failure of issues like Hijab and Halala. On the other hand, the news coming from the local level is shocking for the BJP. According to News 18, an RSS worker said that even though the party is citing the failure of the Hijab and Halala issue as the main reason for the defeat, the reality is something else. According to this RSS worker, the government did not fully support the Sangh workers and members. Accordingly, here the volunteers and workers of the Sangh were left alone against the extremists and PFI terrorists.

Murder of Praveen Nettaru

Apart from this, the murder of Sangh member and BJYM leader Praveen Nettaru was also an important issue. The laxity with which the government acted in this regard increased the difficulties of the RSS. The Sangh worker told that our youth workers were losing their lives while protecting our religious values. Many of them were getting seriously injured. Despite this, their families were not being looked after properly by the government. According to the activist, the Sangh and the local people somehow made necessary arrangements for the families of those people. Some of the murders happened decades ago. Even the witnesses turned hostile, yet the government did nothing.

Displeasure visible in the figures?

This is probably the reason why the BJP’s vote share has dropped to 30 to 40 per cent despite the dominance of Hindus in many such seats. Another union worker told that the reason behind this happening was that the workers did not come out. Our people had lost faith in their own government. The BJP lost two seats in Uttara Kannada and one in Dakshina Kannada. Apart from this, there was a decline of 20 to 40 per cent in the vote share of the saffron party in the seats it won. Dakshina Kannada has been a stronghold of the BJP and the Sangh for decades. Despite this, there was a decline in BJP’s vote shares here. In Dakshina Kannada’s Belthangadi seat, the BJP secured 82 per cent votes in 2018, while in 2023 it has come down to 53 per cent.

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