Normal delivery with the help of vacuum pump, doctors adopted the method of ‘3 Idiots’

In Jalna, Maharashtra, the doctors of the government hospital did what was shown in the Bollywood film 3 Idiots by AAP. A team of doctors has adopted the formula of Aamir Khan’s film 3 Idiots and delivered a woman with the help of a vacuum pump. The doctors resorted to the vacuum pump because the woman is suffering from a ailment of the spinal cord.

A doctor of the hospital said that this procedure was done on Thursday at the Government Women’s Hospital. He told that Godavari Sundarlal (21) a resident of Rani Unchegaon village in Ghansavangi tehsil is suffering from kyphoscoliosis disease. Due to this disease the spinal cord becomes crooked.

Why is delivery necessary?

The doctor told that due to the disease there was not enough space for the baby in the uterus and the platelets in the woman’s blood were reduced to 78,000, which made it difficult for the woman to operate. Hospital Superintendent Dr. s. Patil said, “Keeping in mind the condition of the woman, we decided to perform the delivery process with the help of a vacuum pump.

A total of 17 doctors were engaged

At least 17 doctors, including doctors, were engaged in this task. After two hours of trying, the woman gave birth to a baby boy. He said that the condition of both the woman and the newborn is stable. Patil told that when there is a blockage in the delivery process and it is necessary to get the delivery done soon, then the help of this process is taken.

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