Non-vegetarian food will be banned in government programs? BJP MPs will bring the bill in Parliament

West Delhi BJP MP Parvesh Sahib Singh is moving a private member’s bill to ban serving non-vegetarian food at official government functions. He said, “The environment ministry of Germany proposed to ban non-vegetarian food in government meetings and events as it has a huge impact on climate and global warming. In India also we can take initiative to move away from non-vegetarian food as it has There is a lot of carbon foot print.

Let us tell you that along with banning non-vegetarian food in government programs, a private member’s bill to prevent bribery in the private sector is included in the list of bills that will be discussed in the upcoming winter session of Parliament.

As per the notification of the Lok Sabha, a total of 20 bills of members have been listed for discussion in this session. Let us tell you that most private member bills are rejected after a brief discussion. Since independence, so far 14 such laws have been passed in the Parliament. The last private member’s bill was approved in 1970.

The BJP MP said the bill does not seek a complete ban on non-vegetarian food for common people. But at least from the side of the government, we can take a step towards sustainable food system and climate friendly lifestyle.

Another BJP MP Tirath Singh Rawat plans to introduce a bill to introduce yoga in all schools in the country. The former chief minister of Uttarakhand said, “Yoga should be taught at the school level in the formative years. It helps in both physical and mental development.

BJP MP Rama Devi is set to bring a bill to prevent bribery in the private sector. At the same time, Congress MLA Dean Kuriakose will bring a bill to pay compensation to victims of wildlife encounters.

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