No zero traffic protocol for Chief Minister in Bengaluru, Siddaramaiah orders

No zero traffic protocol for Chief Minister in Bengaluru, Siddaramaiah orders

Siddaramaiah issued a special order on Sunday, a day after taking over as the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Siddaramaiah asks Bengaluru Police to withdraw ‘Zero Traffic Protocol’ for him. Siddaramaiah said that he has taken this decision in view of the problems faced by the people. Significantly, Congress has won power in Karnataka with a huge majority. After this, on Saturday, Siddaramaiah took oath as the Chief Minister here.

This thing written in tweet

Siddaramaiah tweeted on Sunday about his new decision. He wrote in his tweet that I have asked the Police Commissioner of Bengaluru City to withdraw the ‘Zero Traffic Protocol’ for the movement of my vehicles. He said that I have taken this decision after seeing the difficulties being faced by the people traveling from that part. Siddha wrote that where the ban remains in force due to ‘zero traffic’, people have to face a lot of trouble there.

Have implemented five guarantees

Earlier, the Congress government in Karnataka has implemented the five guarantee scheme as per the election promise along with the first cabinet meeting. Congress’s five guarantee schemes include 200 units of free electricity to all households (Griha Jyoti), Rs 2,000 per month to every female head of the family (Griha Lakshmi), 10 kg free rice to each BPL family member (Anna Bhagya), unemployed graduates Announcements like Rs 3,000 per month for youth and Rs 1,500 for two years to unemployed diploma holders (in the 18-25 age group) (Yuva Nidhi) and free travel for women in public transport buses (Shakti) are included.

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