Nityananda’s country is without borders, Kailasa’s representative replied on Twitter

Nityananda’s country is without borders, Kailasa’s representative replied on Twitter

Discussions have intensified regarding Nithyananda and his country United of Kailasa. Many questions are being raised about this on social media. Meanwhile, on Friday, questions were invited on Twitter by the press secretary of Kailasa. In this, information was given to those people who want more information about this country. In one such question, its press secretary claimed that Kailasa is the revival of the ancient Hindu civilization. Along with its establishment, it was claimed that it is a borderless and service providing country. According to the representative of Kailasa, this country works through various NGOs in the world, similar to the Sovereign Order of Malta. Along with this, it has been said to be recognized by the United Nations as well.

This answer was received on the allegations of rape

According to information provided by Kailasa on Twitter, it reflects the vision of unity irrespective of gender, caste, nationality, colour, etc. Significantly, Nithyananda had absconded from Tamil Nadu in the year 2019. In India, he is facing charges in various cases including rape. A question was also asked about this on Twitter from the representative of Kailasa. However, Kailasa’s representative denied these allegations outright. It said that various human rights activists around the world have given a clean chit to Nithyananda on the basis of independent reports. The reply states that the supreme saint of Hinduism was proved innocent by the California (USA) court on April 4, 2013. The court ruled in favor of Nithyananda and fined the false victim almost half a million dollars.

Is Nithyananda a fake guru?

Is Nithyananda a fake guru? In response to this question, the press secretary of Kailasa said that Nityananda, who founded Kailasa, has been formally trained by competent traditional Hindu authorities. Not only this, the example of the Dalai Lama has been given in this matter and it has been said that like him, Nityananda has been recognized as the savior of Hinduism at a very young age. It is worth noting that Kailasa recently came into limelight when its representative reached the United Nations office in Geneva to participate.

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