Nitish’s minister Alok Mehta clarified on the statement of ‘ten percent’, said- it was distorted, never spoke on caste

Nitish’s minister Alok Mehta clarified on the statement of ‘ten percent’, said- it was distorted, never spoke on caste

Bihar’s Revenue Minister Alok Kumar Mehta allegedly courted controversy by saying this. That those who are counted as 10% of the population, used to ring bells in temples and were agents of the British. According to the report, this was said for the upper castes. However, while talking to reporters on Sunday, Mehta clarified that his statement was misrepresented and distorted. Mehta said that I did not make any statement in the context of any caste. What I mean to say is that there has always been a battle between the 90% of the population who are oppressed and the 10% who rule over them. Formerly at the time of independence, 10% of the population was British while 90% was native. He also released a video to clarify his statement.

expressed the views of Jagdev Babu

Revenue Minister Alok Mehta said that veteran socialist leader Shaheed Jagdev Prasad always used to say. That out of 100% of the population, 90% are oppressed. Rule of 10% over 90% will not be allowed, and he was just expressing Jagdev Prasad’s views. The composition of 90% of the population keeps changing, he said, and so does 10%. I have never given any statement on caste.

Minister Alok Mehta gave a statement in Bhagalpur

The controversy started when Mehta, a senior RJD functionary and former MP, was addressing a political program in Bhagalpur related to preparations to celebrate the birth anniversary of socialist leader and former deputy chief minister Jagdev Prasad. Media reports have said that the minister has allegedly targeted the 10% quota for economically weaker sections among upper castes from unreserved categories. In which it was said that 10% of the population is called EWS. It is not good for Dalits and weaker sections. Along with this, the report said that he also said that the quota of backward and weaker sections is in danger. Mehta reportedly said that the British gave huge land to 10% of the population, who continued to oppress the rest.

Something said in the context of CM Yogi

Significantly, the Ramcharitmanas book was described by Education Minister Chandrashekhar as spreading hatred like ‘Manusmriti’ and MS Golwalkar’s ‘Bunch’. And now Minister Alok Mehta’s statement has once again increased the political heat in the state. At the same time, observers believe that the statements of RJD leaders are in line with the social justice agenda of the party to strengthen the vote base among backward classes and weaker sections. Incidentally, the Revenue Minister also clarified that his statement regarding ‘temple bell ringers’ was also twisted. Because he said it in reference to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He was formerly a mahant in a temple, and used to ring bells. Now, he is in power and asking others to ring the bell.

On the other hand, BJP is adopting an aggressive stand on this statement of Mehta. Bihar Legislative Council Leader of Opposition Samrat Chaudhary said on this statement of the Revenue Minister that RJD wants to create social tension and divide the society on the basis of caste in Bihar.

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