Nitish ordered strict prohibition on liquor ban, said- catch big businessmen, destroy supply and distribution chains

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Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given strict instructions to the officials to demolish the supply and distribution chain of liquor by running a special campaign. Arrest big people involved in alcohol business. Be strict in catching the real businessman. On Friday, the Chief Minister held a review meeting related to prohibition of alcohol in the office room of the main secretariat and gave many instructions.

He said that the Central Command Team of Excise and Alcohol Prohibition should work with full vigor. Identify and monitor the routes of smuggling of liquor. Keep a special eye on the border area as well. Arrest the culprits on the basis of information coming to the Prohibition call center.

The Chief Minister said that those who were involved in the liquor business before the prohibition, now keep a special watch on what work they are engaged in. Said that most of the people of the state are in favor of prohibition of liquor. Even in the Corona era, doctors have advised not to drink alcohol. One report reported that the effect of the corona vaccine on drinkers decreases.

Inspector General of Police, Alcohol Prohibition Amrit Raj made a presentation before the Chief Minister concerning prohibition of alcohol. The meeting was attended by Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar, Additional Chief Secretary Home Aamir Shamtani, DGP SK Singhal, Chief Minister’s Chief Secretary Chanchal Kumar, Chief Minister’s Secretary Manish Kumar Verma, Anupam Kumar, Commissioner of Excise B Karthikeya Dhanji, Inspector General of Police, Special Secretary Home Development Vaibhav, Gopal Singh, the Chief Executive Officer of the Chief Minister was present.