Nitish again targeted Lalu-Rabri, husband got arrested and gave power to wife, but did nothing for women

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Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday fiercely targeted the opposition in his election meetings. It is said that when the husband was arrested under his rule, the wife took power. Despite this, nothing was done to empower women. Women empowerment has been ignored in the state for a long time. I believe the state has no future without women empowerment. People worship women as goddesses, but think nothing of them. We have worked for their upliftment. We provided them reservation, gave the girls a bicycle to go to school. Women have played an important role in this development of Bihar.

CM said that during my reign, I have paid attention to development with security and education. Empowering women by giving 50 percent reservation in Panchayati Raj and Municipal Body. Restored women in Bihar Police. There are no such number in any state. He said that many important works were done for the upliftment of women. Next time the public gives an opportunity, seven will definitely fulfill two. Solar street lights will be installed in all villages. The village is being connected to the village. After this, they will connect it to the main road, which will make the traffic easier.

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Asked, what was there in Bihar 15 years ago?
CM asked the people what was there in Bihar 15 years ago? Earlier Bihar used to consume only seven hundred megawatts of electricity, which has now reached six thousand megawatts. He said that electricity was supplied to entire Bihar before the stipulated time period. Education system was strengthened in Bihar by restoring 30 thousand Tola Sevaks and volunteers of Talim Markaz. For skill development, 10 lakh unemployed youth were given employment training in four years. The Chief Minister said that ten lakh rupees will be provided for employment to people belonging to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and backward classes.

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Crime was at a peak in Lalu-Rabri Raj

In Khagaria, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Friday that crime was at its peak during Lalu-Rabri’s 15-year tenure. People of Bihar were afraid of criminals. But in the last 15 years, controlling crime brought Bihar to the 23rd position of the country. Started bicycle and dress scheme for girl students who did not go out of the house, and advanced in the field of education. Development works were carried out under Jaljeevan Hariyali, Seven Determinants. Water was transported from village to village under Nal Jal Yojana etc.

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