New threat: Mysterious disease spreading rapidly among children around the world has increased concern, WHO suspects it


As of May 1, more than 200 children in more than 20 countries around the world have been affected by the mysterious liver disease. The highest number of cases have come in European countries, of which more than 100 cases have been seen in Britain alone.


The age of the victims ranged from zero to 17 years, with the maximum number of children below the age of five. Nine cases in the US have been reported in Alabama. The attention of the World Health Organization (WHO) came to this when 10 children in Scotland were found to be ill at the same time in late April.

The liver of these children is being seriously damaged after coming under the grip of the disease. Even 20 children had to undergo liver transplant, while one child has died due to liver failure. In this way, liver transplant is needed in 10% of the cases. More information is being gathered about the disease.

In the UK, 77% of children with viral hepatitis have been found to be infected with adenovirus. Adenovirus has also been found in children in America. At the same time, the WHO said that at least 20 children have been found infected with both Kovid and adenovirus, due to which there are serious problems like swelling of the liver in children.

These symptoms seen in sick children

According to Dr. Meera Chand, Director of Infection Affairs, UKHSA, there was swelling in the liver of the children. Liver enzymes such as aspartate transaminase (AST) or alanine aminotransaminase (ALT) levels were observed to exceed 500 IU/L.

Apart from this, along with symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting, symptoms of jaundice such as yellowing of the white part of the eyes, dark color of urine, itching in the skin, muscles and joints, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite are also seen. have met.

save kids like this

  • Wash your hands and children’s hands with soap while eating and drinking
  • Do not let children touch their eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Do not take children to sick people

Cases found in these countries

USA, UK, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, France, Romania, Belgium, Japan, Israel, Spain, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden, Turkey, Canada and Greece.

  • Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver: Hepatitis is the medical term for inflammation of the liver. This inflammation occurs as an immune response to an infection or injury. Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E are usually caused by five types of viruses.
  • Hepatitis from adenovirus Rare case: Hepatitis from adenovirus usually occurs in children who have weak immunity, but many of the children who have been victims of it were completely healthy.