NDA may suffer by leaving with Nitish, UPA may get benefit – Survey

If general elections are held in the country in today’s situation, then the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) may have to suffer after the split of Janata Dal United (JDU), the party of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. On the other hand, UPA may remain in the advantage. Had the general elections been held on August 1, in the event of the JDU not separating in Bihar, the NDA would have got more than 300 seats. This has been estimated in a survey conducted by India Today Group and C Voter.

The survey has assessed the situation between August 1 and August 10. According to the survey, if the general elections were held on August 1, the NDA would have got 307 seats, while the UPA would have got 125 seats while others were projected to go to 111 seats. Now that Nitish Kumar has parted ways from the NDA, the situation has become different. However, the BJP does not seem to be doing any major damage.

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Loss of about 21 seats due to Nitish’s separation

According to the survey, if the general elections were held on August 10, the NDA could have suffered a loss of around 21 seats and would have to be content with only 286. On the other hand, UPA could have got 146 seats with a gain of 21 seats. It has been estimated that only 111 seats will be available in the account of others. The meaning of the survey is clear that after the departure of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the BJP has suffered a loss.

Was back in 2019 with former majority

Let us tell you that in the Lok Sabha elections held in the year 2019, BJP returned to power again with the previous majority with 303 seats. At the same time, the BJP-led alliance had won 353 seats. For a clear majority in a Lok Sabha election, there must be at least 273 or more seats. Accordingly, if we look at the estimates of the survey, in today’s situation BJP is definitely suffering, but the throne of power seems to be going to it.

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