Navjot Sidhu served continuous sentence without leave, in return released a month and a half earlier; return on this day

Navjot Sidhu served continuous sentence without leave, in return released a month and a half earlier;  return on this day

Former state president of Punjab Congress Navjot Singh Sidhu may come out of jail on April 1. In the road rage incident, Navjot Singh Sidhu punched an old man, in which he died. In this case, the Supreme Court had sentenced Sidhu to imprisonment for one year. Navjot Singh Sidhu got this punishment after a long trial in this case of 1988. Navjot Singh Sidhu remained in jail continuously after getting the sentence and did not take a single leave. He will get the benefit of this and now he is about to come out of jail.

Earlier, he was expected to be released on January 26 itself. His good behavior was believed to be the reason behind this. But the Aam Aadmi Party government of the state did not even consider his name. Navjot Sidhu went to jail on 20 May 2022, but he will not have to wait till 19 May 2023 for his release. According to jail rules, prisoners are given 4 days leave every month, but Sidhu did not take a single day off during this period. In this context, his sentence will be completed 48 days before the end of March and he can come out on 1 April.

How the hope of release on January 26 was shattered

Earlier, on January 26, 2023, Navjot Sidhu was also expected to be released. The jail administration had made a file of 56 people, who were to be released from jail on Republic Day due to good conduct, but this proposal was not kept in the cabinet meeting. Neither this resolution was passed in the cabinet nor did it go to the Governor of Punjab for signature. A section of the Punjab Congress was also engaged in preparations to welcome Sidhu, but all his preparations were put on hold.

Sidhu’s wife attacked him for not being released, the opponent also accompanied

On the other hand, on January 26, when Sidhu could not be released from jail, his wife Dr. Navjot Kaur Sidhu fiercely attacked the AAP government in Punjab on social media. Not only this, Manish Tiwari and Amarinder Raja Wading, who are called Sidhu’s opponents, also attacked the Mann government. Explain that apart from NDPS and serious crimes, 4 to 5 days relaxation is given based on the progress of the work assigned in a month and the conduct of the prisoners. Apart from this, the prisoner also gets the benefit of some government holidays. In this way Navjot Sidhu has a total of 48 holidays in his account and he can get the benefit of this.

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