National status snatched even before elections, how will these parties show wonders in 2024; BJP has an edge

Only one year is left for the Lok Sabha elections and just before that the Election Commission has released the new list of national parties. Only 6 parties have been included in this list, while the parties like NCP, TMC and CPI who were already in it have been shown the way out. Earlier there were total national parties in the country, whose number is now only 6. The Communist Party of India, the leftist party, has lost its status due to continuous poor performance. Besides, the NCP is also paying the price for its poor performance outside Maharashtra.

The biggest loser has been Mamata Banerjee’s TMC, which has not been able to retain national status even after contesting elections in states like Tripura and Goa. The important thing is that Mamta Banerjee has been meeting many opposition leaders and expressing her claim at the national level. But just before 2024, TMC has suffered a lot due to the loss of national party status and now its claim will be weak. According to the new list, there are now only 6 national parties in the country, including BJP, Congress, CPM, Aam Aadmi Party, BSP and NPP.

Only last week, the Karnataka High Court had ordered the Election Commission to take a decision on the national party status of the Aam Aadmi Party. After getting the status of a national party, a party gets the facility to contest elections on the same symbol in every state. Apart from this, free campaign slots are also given by the government broadcasters. NCP has lost the status of a national party due to its poor performance in the northeastern states. Apart from this, the performance of TMC has also been weak. On the other hand, Aam Aadmi Party has been successful in getting this status with the help of good performance in Goa, Gujarat, Punjab and Delhi.

What will happen to Mamta and Pawar’s ambition?

Be it Sharad Pawar or Mamta Banerjee, the national ambition of both the leaders has never been hidden. Both the leaders have advised the Congress several times to consider accepting someone else’s leadership as well. But now after losing their own national status both of them are in trouble.

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