Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan amid threats from Dragon, 13 American planes are providing security

The world has come face to face with two superpowers regarding Taiwan. According to the information, US Senator Nancy Pelosi has reached Taiwanese soil around 8.15 pm. After all the threats and demonstrations from China, the US Senator has been given tight security. On the other hand, Japan media reports that 13 US Air Force aircraft will protect Pelosi in Taiwan. This security fleet also includes eight fighter aircraft. China is furious after America’s interest in Taiwan. China has threatened America with dire consequences.

According to Japanese media reports, at least 13 US Air Force aircraft had departed from military bases in Japan. This plane has been given security to US Senator Nancy Pelosi during her visit to Taiwan. The news comes amid tensions between the US and China over Nancy’s visit to Taiwan. The report claimed that eight American fighter jets and five tankers had left Japan. It is being told that these planes are Pelosi’s escort to Taipei.

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Taiwan said – we are also ready

Taiwan According to local media, US Senator Nancy Pelosi has reached Taiwan on Tuesday night. Tight arrangements have been made for their security in Taiwan. Security has also been tightened at the hotel where she will be staying in Taiwan.

Chinese military drill

On the other hand, there is news that the movement of the Chinese army near Taiwan has intensified. It is reported that the Chinese army is drilling near the Taiwan border. It is noteworthy that in the last 25 years, Nancy Pelosi is the first US speaker to visit Taiwan.

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China’s threat, America’s counterattack

China is attacking US Senator Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China sees this as a challenge to itself. Demonstrations are also taking place against America in many areas of China. China has threatened America of dire consequences. On the other hand, America has also replied that Pelosi’s visit is their decision. Let us tell you that Taiwan was not included in Pelosi’s proposed Asia tour. He has decided to go to Taiwan during the tour.

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