Muslim organization against same-sex marriage, told against personal law; This request was made to SC

These days there is a debate in the country about giving legal recognition to same-sex marriage. Muslim organization Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind has filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding this. Through this, the proposal of marriage between the same sexes has been opposed. The application said that gay marriage is an attack on the family system. It is against the personal laws of all religions that recognize the concept of marriage between one man and one woman. On April 18, the bench of the Supreme Court can hear the petitions filed regarding this matter.

The Muslim body said, ‘Gay marriage violates the concept of marriage in all types of personal law. So far the concept of marriage has been between a biological man and a biological woman. In this way, the structure of the family unit has been recognized through personal law. However, gay marriages are completely contrary to these notions. It may be known that the well-known lawyer MR Shamshad had filed this application on Friday.

‘Gay marriage is an attack on the family system’

The petition said, ‘The concept of same-sex marriage attacks the family system instead of creating a family. Homosexuality is prohibited in the Muslim faith. In Islamic belief, father and mother have been described as complementary to each other. Petitions to recognize same-sex marriage depend on changing legal systems in other countries. The Jamiat quoted its president, Maulana Mahmood Madani, as saying that a fundamentalist non-religious worldview cannot be imposed in established, indivisible and fundamental principles.

‘Gay marriage against Islamic beliefs’

Earlier, Syed Salman Chishti of Chishti Foundation, Ajmer had conveyed his concerns and objections to the Chief Justice. It claimed that any legal recognition for gay marriage would be contrary to India’s religious, social and moral values. At the same time, it will affect the delicate balance of personal law and accepted social values. Chishti cited Islamic beliefs to oppose the plea to legalize such a marriage.

Central government is also opposing gay marriage

It is known that the Center has also opposed the petitions demanding legal recognition of same-sex marriage in the Supreme Court. The government says it will wreak havoc, upsetting the delicate balance of personal law and accepted social values. On the other hand, Prakash P Thomas of ‘Communion of Church in India’ expressed surprise at such a petition. He urged the President to ensure status quo on the marriage. He claimed that according to Christian beliefs, marriage is a sacred institution created by God and the union of two homosexuals cannot be accepted as marriage.
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