Muslim girl marries Hindu, father wants to crush her with auto; watch video

In Bharatpur, Rajasthan, a Muslim girl fell in love with a Hindu boy beyond the threshold of religion and then both got married. Now both their lives are in danger. The girl’s father wants to kill both of them and has tried it once. The girl’s father tried to crush both of them with his auto. However, somehow he managed to escape with his life. The CCTV footage of the incident has surfaced.

Nagma fell in love with neighbor Narendra Saini in a locality of Bharatpur. This relationship was not acceptable to the girl’s family due to the separation of religion. Nagma ran away from home and married Narendra in the court on February 22 this year. Angered by the marriage, Nagma’s father and relatives have now become enemies of both their lives. They are being threatened continuously. There has also been a deadly attack on him once. But somehow Nagma and Narendra saved their lives by running away.

Nagma along with her husband pleaded with the administration

However, Nagam and Narendra are under constant threat. Both of them are always afraid of the fact that their lives may be lost. Due to this fear, Nagma and Narendra Saini have appealed to the District Collector to save their lives. Nagma said, “Collector sir, I am a Muslim and I have married a Hindu boy, but now my father and the people of my religion have become our enemies. They want to kill both of us. I am pregnant, so security should be provided to save my life and the life of my unborn child and husband.

attack while returning from hospital

On July 28, Narendra was going home on a bike from the hospital after showing his pregnant wife Nagma. Then near Surajpol intersection, Nagma’s father and family tried to hit her with an auto. This incident has been captured in CCTV.

what the administration has to say

Additional District Collector Bina Mahawar said that both the husband and wife have given application that they are in danger of life from their relatives. Therefore, a letter has been sent to the District SP, saying that the safety of the life of the husband and wife should be ensured.

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