Mukesh and Nita Ambani became grandparents, Shloka Ambani gave birth to a son

Mukesh Ambani has become the grandfather of the country’s richest businessman. His son Akash Ambani’s wife Shloka gave birth to the son at 11 am on Thursday. Akash and Shloka were married on 9 March 2019. Famous people from across the country and the world attended Aakash and Shloka’s wedding. The spokesperson said that Nita and Mukesh Ambani welcomed their grandchildren.

Ambani family spokesperson said that mother Shloka Ambani and son are both healthy. Mehta and the Ambani family are very happy with the arrival of small guests in the family.

Aakash and Shloka’s pre-wedding celebrations took place in St. Mauritz, Switzerland. Pre-wedding celebrations lasted for three days here. Many celebrities also participated in this celebration.

Mukesh Ambani has once again joined the top-10 list of world’s richest businessman once again. Last Saturday, he dropped out of this list to reach 12th position. According to the Forbes Real Time Billionaire Index, Mukesh Ambani was ranked 9th with a net worth of $ 77.1 billion as of Wednesday morning. At the top of the list, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos topped the list with a net worth of $ 181.5 billion.

Mukesh Ambani rejoined the list of top-10 rich

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