MP Rajgarh Violence: After Khargone, Sendhwa, now communal violence, arson and stone pelting in Rajgarh, police deployed


Like Rajasthan, the incidents of tension are increasing in Madhya Pradesh too. After Khargone and Sendhwa, now a case of violence has come to the fore in Rajgarh. The miscreants torched some houses and shops. The dispute started over the issue of land, which took the form of violence and arson. Last night people of two communities clashed with each other. Police force has been deployed after stone pelting and arson. Police and administrative officials claim that the situation is under control.


According to the police, the house of people of two different communities was set on fire in village Karedi, about 15 km from the district headquarters. Rajgarh police station in-charge Umesh Yadav tried to rescue the people trapped in those houses, which were pelted with stones. Some videos regarding this controversy are also going viral. Some miscreants are saying that this fire should not be extinguished. Whatever has to be done, will do. However, within a few hours, the police brought the riots under control. In this violence, people from both sides including the police were injured. It is clear from the video that there was a conspiracy to incite riots. The Police is investigating. Earlier, communal violence erupted after stone pelting on Ram Navami processions in Khargone and Sendhwa. In Khargone, curfew is still in force after a month.

What is the Karedi controversy

There was a land dispute between two sides of the village. On Wednesday, one side stopped the other and wanted to talk. Arguments ensued. Fighting started on both sides. When the dispute escalated, one side set fire to the other’s house and shops. There was also stone pelting. Police vehicles were also hit in this. As the dispute escalated, IG Irshad Wali also reached the spot. Other officials including SP Pradeep Sharma and Collector Harsh Dixit also reached the village and got the people dispersed. Police of eight police stations have been deployed in the village. Police and administrative officials took out a flag march in the village. Peace committee meeting has been organized.