MP News: The bride’s side refused farewell, calling the boy a mental patient, the angry groom took off his clothes in the pavilion


Seeing the strange acts of the groom in Damoh district, the bride’s side refused to bid farewell to the daughter after the rounds. The groom, who came to pick up the bride after hearing this, created a ruckus and took off his clothes in the pavilion itself. The matter escalated so much that a complaint had to be lodged in the women’s police station, after the uproar, the groom’s family members tied him in the seat of the bus with a rope and took him along. During this, the groom continued to abuse filthy and dirty words. The video of the groom’s ruckus is going viral.

According to the information, the matter is being told of Narsinghpur district on Wednesday night, where Barat had reached the village from Damoh. The wedding rituals were performed at Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Community Hall located in Kachora Bazar of the city. The groom was behaving strangely during the wedding rituals. The bride and her family first ignored the groom’s actions. There was also a ritual of round in the morning, but there was no change in the behavior of the groom, after which the girls refused to bid farewell to the daughter on Thursday, calling the groom a mental patient. During this, a dispute arose between both the parties, after which a complaint was lodged in the women’s police station.

Women’s station in-charge Sushila Srivastava said that after getting married, there was a dispute between both the parties on Thursday morning. The reason for the dispute is not yet clear, but the bride’s side has refused to part ways. They do not have any information about what has happened between them. Based on the applications, the matter is being investigated by taking the statements of both the parties.

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