Mother’s Day: Idli Amma of Tamil Nadu gets a new house on the occasion of Mother’s Day, an initiative of Anand Mahindra


M Kamalathal, a resident of Vadivelampalayam, Tamil Nadu, popularly known as Idli Amma, has received a gift from the country’s eminent businessman Anand Mahindra on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Even in this era of inflation, Anand Mahindra has given a house to Amma, who sells idli for just one rupee.


Mahindra said in a tweet about this that there can be no greater happiness than trying to give small happiness to a person who has devoted his whole life to sharing happiness to all the people. Let us inform that for the last 37 years, Idli Amma has been giving idlis to the migrants and the needy for only one rupee.

Anand Mahindra has also shared a video with this tweet. In this Idli Amma says that Pugal, an officer of Mahindra came to my hut. This hut was very small. I requested him for a new house for myself. The officer had promised him to do his best in this regard.

According to the video, the first land registration for Idli Amma’s new house was completed. Mahindra Lifespace then prepared a house plan. After the land worship, the construction of the house started. Today, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Idli Amma entered the house.

Social media users told Mahindra the pride of the country

A special kitchen has been made for them in this house. The video also expresses gratitude to Idli Amma for giving this opportunity. This step of Anand Mahindra, who is active in the field of philanthropy, is being highly praised on social media. Users are telling Mahindra the pride of the country in the true sense.