Mosques being built by demolishing temples in Punjab? VIDEO Viral, know the whole matter

A video claiming to have converted a Hindu temple into a mosque in Patiala, Punjab is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This video was tweeted on 8 September. A Twitter user has targeted the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government through a video. It has claimed that the temple has been converted into a mosque on the orders of the AAP-led government. He claimed that a Shivling was removed without informing the Hindus and the police did not allow people and media to enter the temple premises.

However, the reality is different from this. In Rajpura, Patiala, locals tried to install a Shivling near the mosque on 22 August 2022, where there was no temple. Scrutiny of the video revealed that the video has neither been tampered with nor belongs to any other place. The location of the video is the old Rajpura area, which is just a few feet away from the place of worship.

A journalist named Sandeep Chaudhary shared the video on social media. He wrote, “The video has nothing to do with the mosque. The Shivling was erected on open land, which belonged to the city council. Was asked by police officials to remove it on August 22.” Interestingly, 16 days after the video was taken down, it was re-tweeted and tried to give a different angle.

The local administration has also issued a clarification asking people to stay away from the controversy. Deputy Commissioner Patiala Sakshi Sahni said, “Last month some mischievous elements tried to illegally take possession of the Municipal Council land in Gujjar Wale Mohalla of Rajpura. This attempt was foiled due to administrative action.

SSP Patiala Deepak Pareek said that some people were trying to give a religious color to the controversy. “Some elements are spreading unnecessary rumors by giving religious color to the matter and putting it on social media especially Twitter, which is baseless and has no truth in it,” he said.

The video is being linked to a mosque dispute reported in Rajpura in May this year. The issue of the mosque came to the fore in May 2022 when locals claimed that the structure was built on top of a Sikh sarai (Guru’s inn). The matter is being investigated and the district administration has asked both the parties to produce documentary evidence.

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