Mohali Blast: Use of rocket propelled grenades can create havoc in intelligence agencies, up to 250 meters


The attack on the headquarters of the Intelligence Wing of Punjab Police in Mohali has shocked the national intelligence agencies besides Punjab. On Tuesday, NIA as well as Indian Army officials visited the spot to get feedback. Although the Punjab government has not yet handed over the investigation of the attack to the NIA, the cooperation of this national agency is being taken in the investigation.


The special thing for the national intelligence agencies in this attack is that for the first time the attackers have used RPG i.e. Rocket Propelled Grenade (Grenade fired by rocket). This weapon was not used even during the period of terrorism in Punjab and this weapon did not come to the fore during terrorist attacks from Pakistan to India including Mumbai in other states. However, this weapon has been used by terrorists during attacks near homes in Jammu and Kashmir. Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have recovered RPGs from the slain terrorists and found evidence of its use. Currently, this weapon is used by terrorists in Afghanistan along the Pak-Afghan border.

National security agencies have also become concerned about this new weapon that has reached the terrorists in India, because the criteria set for the security of leaders in India, this weapon can break into it. In this way the security of the dignitaries of the country and their homes has been put at risk. Here, the Intelligence Wing of Punjab has started connecting the links of the clues found so far. While this attack is being linked to Harvinder Singh Rinda of Babbar Khalsa sitting in Pakistan, foreign links of the gangsters of the state are also being investigated. At present, the Intelligence Wing is treating it as a terrorist attack.

RPG can damage armored vehicles and buildings

A detailed forensic analysis of the weapon recovered in Mohali is being done, but prima facie experts believe that it is a weapon of RPG PG-22 NATO variant. This type of RPG has a front-loading tube from which to fire. It can cause serious damage up to a range of 200 meters with an overall effective range of 250 metres. It can penetrate 400 mm of armor, 1.2 m of brick or 1 m of concrete. Actually, RPG is a weapon of Soviet origin that was first used during the First World War. It was called a handheld anti-tank grenade launcher. It is a portable, shoulder-mounted weapon that is easy to operate. It can cause extensive damage against armored vehicles and buildings. RPGs have been widely used in the Vietnam conflict as well as in Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and even Jammu and Kashmir.

Chief Minister’s security beefed up

After the attack in Mohali, the security of the Chief Minister has been increased in Punjab. According to the information received from the sources of the state police, due to the instructions of the Chief Minister, till now only simple security cover was provided, but reviewing the latest situation, it has been decided to provide additional and VVIP security to the Chief Minister. Refusing to divulge details of the new security arrangements, the sources only said that now the Chief Minister’s visits and those who meet him will be thoroughly scrutinized and the security cordon during public visits will be tighter.