Mohali Blast: Terrorist Harvinder Singh Rinda’s attack wire, network running in Pakistan


Harvinder Singh Rinda, a terrorist sitting in the neighboring country of Pakistan, is being linked to the attack on the Intelligence Department headquarters of Punjab Police in Mohali, Punjab. The police have got many important clues in this regard in the investigation. Although senior police officers are refraining from saying anything in this matter, but if sources are to be believed, Rinda is running her network from there. Even before this, his role in attacks in many places in Punjab has come to the fore.


If sources are to be believed, the attack took place at the behest of terrorist Harvinder Singh Rinda. According to preliminary information, Punjab Police and intelligence agencies have found strong evidence that Rinda used two of her local handlers. Its main objective is to spread unrest in the state. Harvinder Singh Rinda is the same terrorist on whose behest the arms were supplied to Punjab through drones from Pakistan.

These weapons had left for different areas of the country via Punjab-Haryana, but they were stopped by the Karnal Police on the way. Remember that Rinda was one of the gangsters of class A. Case is also registered against him in Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, West Bengal. The police have been looking for him for a long time but till now his clue has not been found.

This is the first such case in Mohali

This is the first such case in Mohali district. No one can believe that such an incident can happen in the area. However, now the police of the tricity will have to work on a new strategy for security. Those suspicious places will have to be investigated. Apart from this, the security of the entry and exit points of the area will have to be strengthened.