Mohali Blast: Rinda, sitting in Pakistan, got attacked in Mohali! Connection with weapons caught in Karnal


On Monday late evening, the rocket attack at the Intelligence Department headquarters of Punjab Police in Mohali was carried out by terrorist Harvinder Singh Rinda sitting in Pakistan. According to preliminary information, Punjab Police and intelligence agencies have found strong evidence that Rinda used two of her local handlers to terrorize Punjab by launching a rocket launcher attack on the third floor at Mohali’s intelligence department headquarters. Tried all. Harvinder Singh Rinda is the same terrorist on whose behest the arms were supplied to Punjab through drones from Pakistan. These weapons had left for different areas of the country via Punjab-Haryana, but they were stopped by the Karnal Police on the way.


According to Punjab Police sources, prompt action has been taken in the attack on the third floor of Mohali’s intelligence department on Monday evening. Some people have been taken into custody in this case. According to Punjab Police sources, the arrested people have confirmed that they had received instructions from Pakistan based terrorist Harvinder Rinda and his men to carry out such attacks. Sources say that Harinder Singh Rinda, a terrorist hiding in Pakistan, is behind the attack at the Intelligence Headquarters in Mohali.

Weapons were dropped from the drone

According to intelligence sources and police officials, this attack was planned not only in Punjab but also in different areas of the country. Sources reveal that the cache of weapons that was recovered in Karnal and those who were caught in it, all act on the behest of Harvinder Singh Rinda. Sources reveal that the intelligence headquarters in Mohali have been attacked with the same weapons that were dropped in Ferozepur through drones from Pakistan. However, the investigating agencies are still probing this whole matter continuously. Those who were taken into custody by the Punjab Police are being strictly interrogated.

Rinda’s family has shifted to Nanded Sahib

Sources associated with the Punjab Police say that the primary indication is that the atmosphere in Punjab is being disturbed at the behest of Harvinder Singh Rinda. According to intelligence agencies, Harvinder Singh Rinda is presently present in Pakistan. On Rinda, the Chandigarh Police has registered several cases under the Arms Act apart from murder and attempt to murder. Apart from this, a case has also been registered against Harvinder Singh Rinda for threatening to kill the police station in-charge of Chandigarh Police. At present, the family of Harvinder Singh Rinda has shifted to Nanded Sahib, Maharashtra. But the native district of Rinda is Tarn Taran. Rinda is also accused of murder of her relative in Tarn Taran, apart from this, cases of extortion and other incidents are also registered in Nanded Sahib of Maharashtra. According to the Punjab Police, two more cases were registered against Rinda in 2016, in which Rinda was declared a fugitive.

Sources in Punjab Police and officials associated with intelligence agencies say that in the weapons that were seized in Karnal, the four people who were taken into custody were the handlers of Rinda. Those who were taking the entire consignment of weapons to different areas of the country at the behest of Rinda. Officials associated with intelligence agencies say that the smuggling of drugs cannot be ignored in this whole matter. Sources say that some big drug peddlers of Maharashtra are also involved in the whole case.